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Finfinne Theater Association

The Finfinne Theater Association is the new association of art in oromia region. It was established, first at the association level, in 2013 with 293 members from some of professional theater houses and TV stations (ETV Afan Oromo program) in Addis Ababa.

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Tadiyos Abdissa Tobaa


Dawit Fekru Abdissa


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Many local theater stages in Ethiopia produced theater productions every time but most of them were still produced in Amharic version. To meet the above mentioned problems and gaps this project aimed to establish Oromo theater center by providing exposure and opportunities for young people to receive training in all aspects of the performing arts together with the opportunity to participate in the theatre making process and performing Oromo arts to the next level by providing them with the opportunity, skills and mentorship to stage and run a theatre production. Lists of facilities that this project deems to deliver by focusing on Oromo culture were;

• Outstanding feature Film studio which meet the standard of the quality of Film.
• Main Theatre and Auditorium (Outstanding full-length theater productions stages which meet the standard of the quality of theater)
• Full Backstage Facilities
• Second Performance Area – studio theatre
• Third Performance Area – Lecture Hall style
• Having the opportunity to specialize in an area that interests the participants and continue their learning with a Mentor;

• Dedicated dressing rooms to both performance spaces.
• 300 to 500 seat cinema/conference/lecture hall.
• Music rehearsal Spaces (Involving Song, Drum, Instrumentals Promoting Sustainable themes)
• Art Exhibit - multiple venues, each with own theme; assemblage, sculpture, Oromo costume at Oromo cultural center.
• Dance Studios (Creative expression center, Oromo centered (theme, style, content, artistic expression)
• First Aid

• Music Rehearsal Spaces
• Visual Arts studio(s)
• Accessible Gallery Space(s) about the venue
• Recording Facilities
• Video editing suites.
• Main Foyer incorporating bar/café facilities etc.
• Quality restaurant/bistro facilities
• Film Booths
• Library
• Swimming pool and green area development which used for recreational purpose In addition to the artistic side of the new building, we need to incorporate:

• Educational Suites
• Corporate/Conference Facilities and meeting rooms.
• Administration • Third Party Office Space
• Disabled Access.
• Adequate parking.
• Possibility of small number of retail outlets to compliment the complex. Output of the project related to training center:
• Learning about different theatrical disciplines;
• Gaining a better understanding of the entire process of putting on a Oromo theater production and other marginalized Ethiopian Ethnics art;


Allowing young peoples with an interest in any aspect of Oromo and any marginalized Ethiopian Ethics theatre, the opportunity to receive training from experienced theatre practitioners in each aspect of theatre-making and then to apply this training to the staging of a production. Participants in the project could have some experience gained from working on school productions and with local amateur companies or may have an interest in theatre but no prior opportunity to learn about the different functions and how they come together to put on a show.

By establishing Oromo theater center and by providing exposure and opportunities for young people to receive training in all aspects of the performing arts together with the opportunity to participate in the theatre making process the Finfinnee theater and art training center aims to stimulate growth and participation in Oromo theatre and to encourage local youth to consider a career in theatre and preparing the Oromo theater show access in Addis Ababa. In addition, creating an opportunity to any marginalized Ethiopian Ethics art development by accessing using them this center service at a fair price.

Preparing Oromo and any marginalized Ethiopian Ethics theater showing/displaying area with full facility

The Association celebrated, commemorated and gave recognition for different notable Oromo art personalities.

Create a range of artistic performances which excel the standard of Theater and Film productions and it will show different and new perspective to the large audience.

Serve as a platform for different scholarly debates, research presentation, experience sharing, performances shows, and many entertaining as well as educating project.
Show aspect of academic and artistic debates which are significant to the promotion of the Art scene in the country.    
To built Finfinnee theater hall.
Commemorate Practioners who contributed a tremendous role in crafting peoples, consciousness with their outstanding literary works and Theater and Film legacies with research papers.